Tape Painting Craft

This is a fun little project that as many of you have probably seen can be used to paint a door or on the sidewalk with chalk. For today’s example we’re using a plain board style canvas, washi tape(or masking/frog tape) and acrylic paint. ~ Dolores

1) Decide the design or pattern you would like to make. Place tape appropriately. The other option is if you would like to use different tape widths to add interest.

2) Use whatever colors you would like and begin to paint in your canvas one paint color at a time.

3) Completely fill in your entire canvas and then let it dry.4) Once your entire canvas is dry; slowly and carefully pull off all of the tape. 

5) If you have any spaces where the paint bled under the tape; go back in with white paint and do some minor touch ups.

6) Enjoy your new crafty creation.

Tape Painting finished product by LMS’s resident Craft Queen, Dolores.

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